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Straight pegs for cord
plastic per 24 pcs
Heddle length 15 cm per 100 pcs
open eye
Bobbin winder thin brass wheel
Rigid heddle with handle 20,5 cm
hight 10 cm - wood
Warping frame small
warping length 12 meter 14 pegs beech wood
Flat shuttle 20
length 20 cm wood
size 20 cm spool box 100 x 27 mm
Reed 20/10 - length 40 cm height 10,5 cm
stainless steel
Reed 20/10 - 60 cm height 12 cm
stainless steel
Reed 20/10 12 heigh from 1 meter per 1 cm
Stainless steel professional
Tapistry bobbin 13 cm
Loom / 40 / 8 harness
The Venne table loom consists of 8 shafts, 400 heddles and a stainless weaving reed of 40/10. The table loom has a weaving width of 40 cm and the 63 cm high floor stand is separately available. The loom is collapsible, which makes it convenient to carry or store. This table loom is supplied ready-made, which makes it possible to start weaving immediately.

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